Saved By My Corporate Housing in Portland Oregon!

My job search was proving to be incredibly difficult, mostly because when asked where I live, I was nowhere near the job site that I was applying for, and the companies I wanted to interview with were not willing to connect with me over video chat. My solution to the problem came by means of utilizing a corporate housing in Portland Oregon provided by Extended Stay Properties NW Portland in Portland OR so that I could be close to the companies during my job hunting process.

Rather than move my entire life for a job that I may not even get, I decided to get closer to the action temporarily in order to be available to the companies that were interviewing. This way, I was able to hedge my bets without costing me too much money or sacrificing all of that time on moving to a place where I might not have work either.

Funny how many remote companies and positions are available to the workforce these days, but so strange at how traditional and close minded so many of the larger companies still are in terms of the hiring process and mandatory formal screenings. Half of the jobs that I have had since I graduated from high school have all been remote work.

However, I still needed to play the game in order to seriously be considered for the roles that I needed to get. I wasn’t even being rejected based on my merit or work ethic, but rather, my current physical proximity to the offices despite assuring every company of my willingness to move the minute I was hired!

The system is wrong, but I still needed to work through it. So I figured I would find myself a hotel room and post up in the locations that I wanted to get hired in so as to seem local until I actually got an offer. However, I quickly realized how non-cost effective that was!

I then turned to Extended Stay Properties NW Portland because I came across a deal for one of their corporate housing in Portland Oregon in Portland OR. I then realized that using their services would provide me a much nicer experience and better space at a fraction of the price!

I leaned into my new strategy for getting a job, and I was so happy in my corporate housing in Portland Oregon. Seriously, Extended Stay Properties NW Portland does such a nice job that I was considering staying even longer once I was finally able to get a job offer.

After all of the stress and frustration from job hunting, I look back now and am very thankful to Extended Stay Properties NW Portland for their corporate housing in Portland Oregon. Having my own space in Portland OR through the tail end of the process was my key to finding success.

— Extended Stay Properties NW Portland invites you to contact them at or call 800-997-7965 for assistance with all your corporate housing in Portland Oregon needs.–

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