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A Short Term Rental in Toronto That Serves Me Well!

What better place to be pursuing my dreams of scaling my inventions than Toronto Ontario! And with the help of Toronto Furnished Apartments, I am able to rest and relax in a beautiful short term rental in Toronto all to myself. As an inventor, I personally like to specialize in sustainable practices and helping to […]

My Furnished Apartment in Toronto — Flexible, Affordable, and Valuable Short-Term Home!

Sometimes life can come fast and hit you hard. Or at least that is what I felt like when I needed a place to live temporarily while my house was pushed back to finish.  Thankfully I found a place in Toronto Ontario not so far away from my house in construction with Toronto Furnished Apartments […]

For Those Who Are Looking For A Place Try Furnished Apartments in Toronto!

Employees who are relocated due to their companies or individuals who are on a leisurely trip are more than delighted to stay in a furnished apartment in Toronto, a temporary corporate home. Furnished apartments in Toronto is perfect for those looking for an extended stay in Toronto Ontario area.  The home is much bigger (spacious) […]

I Am A TV Show Writer and Need a Furnished Apartment in Toronto.

I have been hired to write a TV series for online series and feel it would be best to live in Toronto Ontario. I don’t know if this is temporary or long lasting so I need a furnished apartment in Toronto until I decided where I wanted to live. I was allowed to live wherever […]

Through Temporary Housing in Toronto, I Was Able Enjoy My Stay!

My occupation is to generally visit places months at a time working. I am used to staying away from home and ending up in hotels. As a photographer, I do get bored of hotels. I was bored until I found temporary housing in Toronto. When I was in and out of temporary housing in Toronto, […]

A Great Short Term Rental in Toronto For Every New Adventure!

I’ve never really been content with the anchored type of lifestyle that so many people prefer for themselves; instead, I like the somewhat nomadic lifestyle and the freedom that I feel from moving from place to place every now and then to keep life fresh and interesting!  And with the help of Toronto Furnished Apartments, […]

A Tale of Two Cities

You will be living “A Tale of Two Cities” of sorts for an extended period of time. It will be exciting, and challenging, managing two different offices in two different cities. Pelican Executive Suites will be the best resource for you to turn to in the Toronto Canada area for travelers such as yourself. We […]

Pelican Executive Suites means economy and luxury for Toronto Canada housing.

You may not normally think that luxury can be economical, but Pelican Executive Suites does just that. For no more than you would pay for a per night hotel room you can live in luxury in a home, apartment, condo or town home with all the comforts of your own home. Just a phone call […]

For corporate housing in Toronto Canada, choose Pelican Executive Suites.

When business travel requires that you stay in Toronto Canada for thirty days or more, choose Pelican Executive Suites to arrange your housing. With many years of experience in the Toronto Canada area, we have hundreds of units for you to choose from. No matter the size, or location, Pelican Executive Suites will meet your […]

Enjoy state-of-the-art amenities in Toronto Canada through Pelican Executive Suites!

Pelican Executive Suites, a key provider of short term rental Toronto in Toronto Canada, is prepared to offer you great prices on great amenities! How, you may ask, does this corporate housing firm think that they can provide superior services at preferable prices? That sounds outrageous! What are they, some kind of non-profit? Well, that […]

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